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Sunday, August 1, 2010

More projects pics!

these r what i made for my SIL n kid.The shawl is completely made of eyelash yarn...i like pista green yarn te best among te colours.
n so i made te cream n pista cap .I liked te combination so much tat i made one more wit te same colours n gav it to my sis. The pattern of her cap is tat of te red n black cap in te pic .I hv put te pic in te older posts ..oly thing is tat it has a pom pom extra.

Neways these shawl n caps are made of saimple double crochet n so nt very complicated...at te same time luks attractive..the key is te colour combi!!!!


  1. this is nice. I like the way you blended in the different colors for the scarf.

  2. hey this is cute!! i like the scarf!