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Thursday, March 26, 2009

yippie...yippie..My First Baby Dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooh.......Finally , lemme show all of you my first attempt on a baby dress..

i did it 2day..just in one go.....i just got hooked up....wanted to finish n them oly get up.... I was that excited when i understood that te pattern is comin up correctly..
so my dream come true.....A clothing!..
lemme tell u , this has sure given me a confidence to try other cool patterns.
I got the pattern from whitney's blog....thx whitney :)
Heres the link

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The lill shoes!

The shoes which i had been working on for Mysa baby

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby caps

I finished crocheting my baby caps....actually i wanted to make oly one for my friends baby....Baby Mysa. (Mysa means "smile").

But my dimensions got wrong. n instead of making a cap for a 9 month old , i made it for a just born ..hee hee..well , blunders of a beginner crocheter!!!!

The yarn is very beautiful.... i cudn resist making a cool belt for myself too....i am done with it but have to stitch on the buckles...then wil post it.

i cant wait to present the baby cap to lill Mysa.. :) hope she likes it!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Handmade Tag :)

Melissa got me into this game...n i had fun 2 these few days, tryin to make these tags..

As I am a new blogger n so hv hardly any followers, except the very talented Tanya :)(n shes already one of the tag game winners :P), so I do not know how much i wil be successful in propogating this game, but neways lemme display my items .....

ok...let me copy paste the rules of the game....


1. You have to be crafty and willing to make three handmade gifts
2. You must have a blog that you post to regularly

Here's how it works:
I will randomly select three people to receive a handmade gift set from me.
They then have to post this game on their blog offering a handmade item(s) of their own to three people and so on.

My handmade gift set will include:
1. A round pouch.
2. A hanger cover
3. A hip belt.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post at the earliest saying you would like to play. Please include your first name and a link to your blog. I will randomly choose three people and announce them . hope this wud be fun!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The shop...finally!!!!!!!!!!

yes..its been some time since i posted sumthin on my blog..i know. But i got a bit busy n i was making the handmade tags 2!...so am all geared up to post my handmade tags today..jus gotta take a pic n post...rest everythin done....
n one gud news...i finally found a shop here in Kuwait where u get fabulous yarn!
we had a dinner party yest nite n we thot we will take a walk bak home ....n on the way i discovered the place. i immediately leapt in....n saw such beautiful collections of yarn that i actually thot i will buy the whole shop..err well since my husband was tre..i had to limit ny choices. Mnaged to get an Afghan crochet needle 2..yippie....!
i jus cant wait to get started with the new yarns....
but i am havin an interview next week n am pretty tensed abt it..which means i have to sit in a place n STUDY!!!!..which also means NO CROCHET..phew....sounds very very difficult n impossible.....but don hv a choice....hmmmm
alrite.....so my next post is goin to be the tags .......
c ya...