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Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby cloth edging #2

This is the second cloth edging....worked wit a multicolour

Thread :size 10
Hook :size 4.
Pattern : SC around, Then in 1st SC * {(make 1 TRC,1 Ch )6 times,1 TRC, skip 2 sc make sc in 3rd sc}*. repeat from * to * throughout.slipstich to join.

If u guys remember, the thread is the same as this DOILY which i had been making.
Then i gt bored with the doily, and pulled bak the thread....and used it for this edging...had to buy an extra roll for this tho..
I realize how easy it is to pull the thread and squander all the tedious work done.. guess tat is the difference b/w make and break.....takes a second to let go, while it takes hours or years to make it!..be it crochet or anythin!
hmm...crochet is makin me wiser ..hee hee...and teaching me patience too!!!

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  1. Yeah right, heheh! Our experience comes from such a thing! This edging is really cool! I love the variegated pink also! xxx