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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Matching Booties too...

I had decided on making a matching baby booties for jovia which will go with her dress....finally i happened to find the correct pattern and gave it a try. I am not really impressed with how it turned out bt it goes perfectly well with the dress.
The pattern is Pink & White from Ravelry.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cheerful Crochet Flower

These are the flowers which i made from leftover yarns yest.

I gifted 'em to my mom so that she can pin it on her memory board in the kitchen. They do luk really cute on the board :)

I did it from Teresa's u-tube tutorial.The link is given below....

Hey ... these flowers remind me of my blog background flowers....:)


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baby sweater!!

Here is the pic of the Baby sweater I completed yest.
Its cald "Ombre waves" . U can find the pattern in Crochet Magazine , Oct 2005,Vol 23.
The texture of the sweatr luks really beautiful , mayb coz of the wavy pattern. Its worked simply on alternating sc and dc.

It wud fit a baby of 9-12 months..... i used a G hook and Lion Brand Baby soft yarn.
I am really happy with the ribbing at the edges coz it tuk me sm time to grasp it bt then it came out quite well...n now since i hv mastered it ...i can use it for any garment.

It wudnt take two whole weeks to complete the sweater i am sure...Its just tat I gt occupied wit Jovia's dress for sm time, tat i lost a bit of my intreat in tis one :)

One shud complete this in not more than 1 week i guess...provided u don't cook, watch television or go out , AND waste time oly for eating and sleeping ..

dedicating the rest of the time to finishing off Ombre waves...hee hee!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Sweater approaching finishline!

As I mentioned, I gt so excited abt Jovia's dress that i kept the baby sweater away for a while to finish the dress. But now I am back on it and I can again feel that same excitement when u are abt to finish a project. I completed one sleeve but then i found out that for sewing the seams i din hv any thread left as i had used up everythin for Jovia's dress. So now i hv to wait till i get the thread first and then do the ribbing at the edges.....

I just had the sleeves left tobe done so shudn take long .
...mayb in less than a week the cute lill baby sweater shud be done :)

Lion Brand Yarn and books!

I thot i will share with u all the yarn which my sister gt for me from Lion Brand Studio in NY . I had asked her to get for me 2 pattern books also. She ordered that for me .... n te patterns in that are soooo wow.......so absolutely cute! ......i havnt sdtarted on anythin yet.....but am thinking of soon. I also gt a magaqzine from Kuwait after hours of surfing...yes finally one crochet patern book from kuwait......!....It too has sm baby patterns.

My sister also gt from the studio a collection of all available yarn types info book which i tot is really handy..It has the pics too so tat in future wen i cm across a pattern tat says to use so and so yarn...i can immediately look up and identify..tats cool rit!!!!?

Here are the collections.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jovia's Dress finally completed !!! :)

Friends.... so finally i hv managed to take pics of the promised dress. I hope everybody likes it.

Here are the pics of the Front portion, back , the closeups of the sleeves and the flowers on the skirt.

And I got the pattern from Ravelry.. It's called Easter Grace Dress pattern. U can c it here
I feel i hv made a couple of mistakes in the pattern , small small ones...but it came out quite well finally.. hee hee
Actually in the pattern u will c a peach n white combination... but wen me n my mom went yarn shopping for the same..she suggested to make in this particular combination n i am glad i did it :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The new Mega Project under progress

Yes.... I have started a new project....hmmm infact two new projects...
My favourite..Baby clothing!!!
One is a sweater ...another is a dress which i am planning to gift my friend's baby Jovia. It's her baptism on Aug 1st and i tot i wil complete it bfore tat....Its almost done...
I just have to do the ruffles at the bottom and the sleeves....
I tot I wil also make a lace shoes which will go along with the dress...IF time permits.
The sweater on the other hand, is almost done but i tot i wil take my own time for that since i suddenly gt a deadline for the dress...
I was planning on gifting Jovia one, and just tot her baptism was te correct time.

I was a bit sceptical abt the size tho...bt i gt sm expert advice from the designer Sandy Furlough herself......so shld be ok...
The design is posted in Ravelry ...and by day aftr 2morrow ..the pic of my Mega project shld be here :)

ooh...i am soo excited by seeing how its getting completed slowly .....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Latest Projects

As promised these are some of my latest crochet projects...
The shawl and cap is for my dear sis....n she already left for NJ with em.... :)
And the blue bordered cap is for my BIL.
I tot plain black cap is too simple ...so just added tat blue tinge of a border....guess it came out quite well.