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Monday, February 23, 2009

Crochet Scarf

I finished my Crochet scarf...my first one ever...it came out bettr than i thot.....i did this with eyelash yarn .

First i had a pretty tough time with the yarn, but somebody helped me n gave me the tip that eyelash yarn shud b used along with normal yarn..and yes..Things became easy..

Actually , this particular yarn is havin a slight shiny texture too but i guess one cant make it out in the pic...

I am extremely happy with the fringes 2.... :)

But now my eyelash yarn is almost over n i don have any diff colour of this yarn 2 :( n i donno wre to find them in Kuwait, so mayb i hav to wait till my next trip to india.....

i simply love this fancy yarn ,n now i hv lost intrest in any other yarns ...

well..it happens.. hee hee..

i got a pretty gud feedback on this scarf n so i hav a gud mind to try more :)

ok....c ya guys :)