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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby cloth edging #3

This edging is worked by a thicker thread and a bigger hook.
The pattern is actually a picot bt aftr doin the 1st round ,
i felt just that was better and din quite like the luk of picot.
SO stopped with the first round. I saw this pattern while searchin in google.
don remmbr frm wre i gt this exactly.

Neways heres the pattern:

Row 1: In 4th ch from hook make dc, ch 2, dc * skip ch, in next ch make dc, ch 2, dc. Repeat from * to end. Ch 3, turn.

Row 2: * 4 sc in ch 2 space, picot. Repeat from * to end. Fasten off

Bt i did just the first rnd.
And added the yellow satin thru the blanket stitches!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby cloth edging #2

This is the second cloth edging....worked wit a multicolour

Thread :size 10
Hook :size 4.
Pattern : SC around, Then in 1st SC * {(make 1 TRC,1 Ch )6 times,1 TRC, skip 2 sc make sc in 3rd sc}*. repeat from * to * throughout.slipstich to join.

If u guys remember, the thread is the same as this DOILY which i had been making.
Then i gt bored with the doily, and pulled bak the thread....and used it for this edging...had to buy an extra roll for this tho..
I realize how easy it is to pull the thread and squander all the tedious work done.. guess tat is the difference b/w make and break.....takes a second to let go, while it takes hours or years to make it!..be it crochet or anythin!
hmm...crochet is makin me wiser ..hee hee...and teaching me patience too!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baby cloth edging #1

Had kept a couple of baby cloths ready and given it for sewing the sides...now tat i gt them bak , i was thiking of adding crochet edgings to each of them....donno how many i wud be able to complete as the time is less....bt this ones my first edging .Its just double crochet across the cloth , and i just added a satin ribbon in bet the hemstitches for a dressy and a more neat luk.

Have used THIS technique of Teresa to add the edging to the fabric....its a bit of a tedious work i feel.....
am working on the next baby cloth, ..wil post it soon

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Small Sandals for the tiny one!

I did this from the same book of Lesley's. Really luv the luk of these sandals....Vry chic!
This wud fit a baby of 6-9 months i guess...
I used two cotton threads together (green n yellow), and did the edging with the single thread(green).I finally learned te crab stitch online n did it for te edging.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Under Progress!!!!

I am attempting a Baby small sandals...from the same book of Lesley.I hv finished all the parts ...now just hv to do the joining....She has asked to do a crab stitch n i hv no idea what tat is....
so am learnin the same frm u tube..she has explined it in te buk too bti always hv a preference for video tutorials....they r so clear n easy!!!.

I jus hope i can post te finished project pic by 2morrow. :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sea boot bootees all set to wear!

This socks is something which after finishing , gave me a great great sense of achievement...tats becoz i hv tried almost 1 whole week trying to figure out the pattern instructions.....
finally i discovered the secret....the designer kept on writing double crochet but what she meant was attually a single crochet!!!!! phew.....wasnt tat a discovery!
i guess in sm parts of the world, yrh is not done bfor inserting thru the stitch....i hv seen couple of video instructions lik tat for dc bfore too..
anyways in te beginning of the book she had clearly shown what she meant by dc, just tat i missed reading tat.....

Neways, i now have a matching bootees for my sweater!!

this pattern is from the book i got--"Adorable crochet for babies and toddlers" by Lesley Stanfield
The paaterns in this range from simple to the more ambitious

Sunday, August 15, 2010

works under progress

these are two of my projects under progress.....

Doily pattern:

Yarn: Crochet cotton thread
Hook size: 1.75
Pattern:Ruby's pineapple medley

i wanted to make some burp towel edgings n so i went yarn shopping to get some multicoloured cotton yarns.....then i saw a doiy pattern , n started workin on te doily with the yarn....halfway thru i lost intrest in te doily n started those socks....tats coming out well!!! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Baby Afghan Ready!!!

After almost 2 long weeks i finally finished my Baby Afghan. Since i hv jus one more month left , i feel as if i don hv much time left n tat i hv lots n lots of baby clothes to make....
I wanted to make a diff kind of baby afghan n finally used the jumbo catherine wheel pattern.

Baby Afghan

Size: 37''x 21''
Yarn: Lion Brand Baby Soft
Hook: Size J & E
Pattern: Jumbo Catherine wheel (Teresa)

heres a bigger view...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Searching far n wide for a romber pattern!

I searched everywhere.....on ravelry....on crochet blogs...on google ...cudn find wat i wanted...
i needed a romber paatern...with a crisscross at the back and a trouser like look...
how much ever i search i end up with an onsie or a full length pants!!!!

finally i tot i wil make a Baby afghan with the yarns i have ....so i am working on the afghan with Teresa's pattern..."the jumbo catherine wheel"

its turning out nice but i feel the width is not enuf...soo i am thinkin of adding a huge border which will make it luk bigger....
even tho te baby afghan is keepin me busy.....my mind is still lukin for the romber...

i hope somebody has tat pattern which i hv in my mind....

so friends....pls lemme kno if anyone finds it!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy to get featured!!

Soo happy to c my project displayed in Crochet Projects-Summer 2010 in Teresa's blog...
I had sent her Jovia's dress and dint actually think she wud put it in te slideshow as tre were soooo many entries...Ten in PArt Summer Projects slideshow..tre it is....te 5th project!!!
I seriously feel tat aftr this..my blog hits hv gone up!!!

Tis is wre to luk for it..


Sunday, August 1, 2010

More projects pics!

these r what i made for my SIL n kid.The shawl is completely made of eyelash yarn...i like pista green yarn te best among te colours.
n so i made te cream n pista cap .I liked te combination so much tat i made one more wit te same colours n gav it to my sis. The pattern of her cap is tat of te red n black cap in te pic .I hv put te pic in te older posts ..oly thing is tat it has a pom pom extra.

Neways these shawl n caps are made of saimple double crochet n so nt very complicated...at te same time luks attractive..the key is te colour combi!!!!