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Friday, January 23, 2009

Granny square!!!

well..i have mangaed to do this bigger granny square to be used as a tablecloth ..my mom wanted one ...

it dint come out as beautiful as i tot...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pics of my projects

There are not many...but a very few crochet projects that i have done, starting from my skool dayz....

picture 1- is my first ever crochet in my life,the bigger mat,

it was with the help of my crafts teacher,mrs petronia madam that i did it.that was in 8th std.

i was so excited abt my new hobby that i used to do crochet crochet even in the class hours..hee hee.
That is the oly picture I have of the initial dayz of crochet....at that time I had made many and gifted to all my favourite aunts!:)

The below pictures, as u can c of the mat which i attempted after 7 long years. I din know to change colours in between before, ..well !crafts madam hadn't taught us that..

so i learned it from U-tube and it worked!
I think the project is not too bad considering the gap of 7 years!

The next picture is a Granny square which i attempted for the first time after the gap..learning from U tube itself....

This smaller granny square has given me some confidence so as to start a bigger one..right now working on that.....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So i have rediscovered my Crochet talents! well the break was pretty large...around 7 yeras..
phew ..what and all happened in 7 loooong years..
i got an Engineering Degree..i got an excellent job....i got a remarkable promotion...n ya..i quit tat excellent career.. n i got MARRIED too..
phew lots n lots happenin...
n now started crocheting 2..hee hee.
currnetly i am working on a table mat ..my mom wanted one..its in the colour combination of maroon and black..
i am making it in a granny square pattern...got it from u tube....there they show each n every stitcheds ..so its kinda easy..n its coming out well 2....

i had also done on a trial basis ..a round mat and a tiny granny square...
n i hope i wil get lotsa patterns soon...i am working hard..u kno...!:P....surfing for crochet patterns and helpful blogs online..
i wud b very happy indeed if some of u guys crazy on crochet can lend me a hand..
c ya all soon with photos of my projects soon..


Monday, January 12, 2009


Yes...finally i started to blog....
i was never actually thinking of starting u know...but i guess 'boredom" can do wonders..
right now feeling a bit bored sitting at home..doin nothin..ok...eating n sleeping excluded!
but ..i guess ..tats te same here in cochin or in kuwait....hee hee

well ...today is a special day...a gud one and a sad one..
gud because its my sis-in-law's kid's bday....she is turning 4 today!..pretty big huh!
and bad ..because it gives very sad memories of a friend of mine..Jeevan....its his 3rd death anniversary today...

A bday and a death anniversary.........
weird...but i guess tats life..it gets weird all the time.....!