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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A poem by St. Ephrem

All kinds of storms trouble me,
and you have been kinder to the Ark.

Only waves surrounded it,
but ramps & weapons & waves surround me.

O Helmsman of the Ark, be my pilot on dry land!
You gave the Ark rest on the haven of a mountain,
Give me rest in the haven of my walls.

.......beautiful poem......Praise you...LORD

Friday, June 19, 2009

No projects to flaunt :(

I have not started any new crochet projects, neither have I anything to complete too :(

I am a bit busy now, My in laws have joined us for a period of 3 months, to enjoi Kuwait, so now i keep them company ..no time to crochet....hope i wont forget my crochet skills....errr...i dont have "skills" as such.....
so its like every weekend we go out to any place (very few places to chill out here)...
n soon it will be repetitions.....
but if u have company any place any no. of times is gud i feel....
Last to last week we had gone to Entertainment city , Doha, and had a gud time.
We just got time to get into the Roller Coaster , the train coaster, then the train and 2 water jouneys...n saw two 4d movies

here is a pic ..(not clear) of the roller coaster area

Do you feel its a desert..phew...!!! luk at the shrubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then here are pics of the view from Kuwait Towers

This is at a height of 120 m. There is a revolving restaurant above and a viewing sphere. If u are in Kuwait, U will visit this place min 50 times....whoever comes to our house to c kuwait...we take em here, obviously we also go along with them....n so 50 times or more :)

neways c ya wit more pics...

........of not my crochet projects for the time being, but of our trips

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not RIP yet!!!!!

i really tot my blog wud be restin in peace... hee hee, its been sooo long since i gave a post...!!!
but i dint have any new projects to flaunt ....
n guess who is to blame for that lag in my projects????... its a new KNIFE..
yes, i got a new knife from LuLu hypermarket, it luked gud, n so, but turned out to be a villain, i inaugrated it cuttin my left hnd ring finger edge, i was preserving the part which got off for a few days.. Phew!!!

so i cudn take on with my dear hobby coz of a Knife!!!
n now its healed, i got another knife new one yest..... from LuLu itself....n yeah.... I GOT CUT AGIAN!!!!! n this time on my right hand thumb! not as severe as the first one though..
hmmm..... i have decided to be happy with my old knives oly...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Surprise B'day Party!!

yes.....a surprise Bday party!!!

was a real surprise...i was s happy seein the cake ..yummmy!!! :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

yippie...yippie..My First Baby Dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooh.......Finally , lemme show all of you my first attempt on a baby dress..

i did it 2day..just in one go.....i just got hooked up....wanted to finish n them oly get up.... I was that excited when i understood that te pattern is comin up correctly..
so my dream come true.....A clothing!..
lemme tell u , this has sure given me a confidence to try other cool patterns.
I got the pattern from whitney's blog....thx whitney :)
Heres the link

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The lill shoes!

The shoes which i had been working on for Mysa baby

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby caps

I finished crocheting my baby caps....actually i wanted to make oly one for my friends baby....Baby Mysa. (Mysa means "smile").

But my dimensions got wrong. n instead of making a cap for a 9 month old , i made it for a just born ..hee hee..well , blunders of a beginner crocheter!!!!

The yarn is very beautiful.... i cudn resist making a cool belt for myself too....i am done with it but have to stitch on the buckles...then wil post it.

i cant wait to present the baby cap to lill Mysa.. :) hope she likes it!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Handmade Tag :)

Melissa got me into this game...n i had fun 2 these few days, tryin to make these tags..

As I am a new blogger n so hv hardly any followers, except the very talented Tanya :)(n shes already one of the tag game winners :P), so I do not know how much i wil be successful in propogating this game, but neways lemme display my items .....

ok...let me copy paste the rules of the game....


1. You have to be crafty and willing to make three handmade gifts
2. You must have a blog that you post to regularly

Here's how it works:
I will randomly select three people to receive a handmade gift set from me.
They then have to post this game on their blog offering a handmade item(s) of their own to three people and so on.

My handmade gift set will include:
1. A round pouch.
2. A hanger cover
3. A hip belt.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post at the earliest saying you would like to play. Please include your first name and a link to your blog. I will randomly choose three people and announce them . hope this wud be fun!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The shop...finally!!!!!!!!!!

yes..its been some time since i posted sumthin on my blog..i know. But i got a bit busy n i was making the handmade tags 2!...so am all geared up to post my handmade tags today..jus gotta take a pic n post...rest everythin done....
n one gud news...i finally found a shop here in Kuwait where u get fabulous yarn!
we had a dinner party yest nite n we thot we will take a walk bak home ....n on the way i discovered the place. i immediately leapt in....n saw such beautiful collections of yarn that i actually thot i will buy the whole shop..err well since my husband was tre..i had to limit ny choices. Mnaged to get an Afghan crochet needle 2..yippie....!
i jus cant wait to get started with the new yarns....
but i am havin an interview next week n am pretty tensed abt it..which means i have to sit in a place n STUDY!!!!..which also means NO CROCHET..phew....sounds very very difficult n impossible.....but don hv a choice....hmmmm
alrite.....so my next post is goin to be the tags .......
c ya...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Crochet Scarf

I finished my Crochet scarf...my first one ever...it came out bettr than i thot.....i did this with eyelash yarn .

First i had a pretty tough time with the yarn, but somebody helped me n gave me the tip that eyelash yarn shud b used along with normal yarn..and yes..Things became easy..

Actually , this particular yarn is havin a slight shiny texture too but i guess one cant make it out in the pic...

I am extremely happy with the fringes 2.... :)

But now my eyelash yarn is almost over n i don have any diff colour of this yarn 2 :( n i donno wre to find them in Kuwait, so mayb i hav to wait till my next trip to india.....

i simply love this fancy yarn ,n now i hv lost intrest in any other yarns ...

well..it happens.. hee hee..

i got a pretty gud feedback on this scarf n so i hav a gud mind to try more :)

ok....c ya guys :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Granny square!!!

well..i have mangaed to do this bigger granny square to be used as a tablecloth ..my mom wanted one ...

it dint come out as beautiful as i tot...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pics of my projects

There are not many...but a very few crochet projects that i have done, starting from my skool dayz....

picture 1- is my first ever crochet in my life,the bigger mat,

it was with the help of my crafts teacher,mrs petronia madam that i did it.that was in 8th std.

i was so excited abt my new hobby that i used to do crochet crochet even in the class hours..hee hee.
That is the oly picture I have of the initial dayz of crochet....at that time I had made many and gifted to all my favourite aunts!:)

The below pictures, as u can c of the mat which i attempted after 7 long years. I din know to change colours in between before, ..well !crafts madam hadn't taught us that..

so i learned it from U-tube and it worked!
I think the project is not too bad considering the gap of 7 years!

The next picture is a Granny square which i attempted for the first time after the gap..learning from U tube itself....

This smaller granny square has given me some confidence so as to start a bigger one..right now working on that.....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So i have rediscovered my Crochet talents! well the break was pretty large...around 7 yeras..
phew ..what and all happened in 7 loooong years..
i got an Engineering Degree..i got an excellent job....i got a remarkable promotion...n ya..i quit tat excellent career.. n i got MARRIED too..
phew lots n lots happenin...
n now started crocheting 2..hee hee.
currnetly i am working on a table mat ..my mom wanted one..its in the colour combination of maroon and black..
i am making it in a granny square pattern...got it from u tube....there they show each n every stitcheds ..so its kinda easy..n its coming out well 2....

i had also done on a trial basis ..a round mat and a tiny granny square...
n i hope i wil get lotsa patterns soon...i am working hard..u kno...!:P....surfing for crochet patterns and helpful blogs online..
i wud b very happy indeed if some of u guys crazy on crochet can lend me a hand..
c ya all soon with photos of my projects soon..


Monday, January 12, 2009


Yes...finally i started to blog....
i was never actually thinking of starting u know...but i guess 'boredom" can do wonders..
right now feeling a bit bored sitting at home..doin nothin..ok...eating n sleeping excluded!
but ..i guess ..tats te same here in cochin or in kuwait....hee hee

well ...today is a special day...a gud one and a sad one..
gud because its my sis-in-law's kid's bday....she is turning 4 today!..pretty big huh!
and bad ..because it gives very sad memories of a friend of mine..Jeevan....its his 3rd death anniversary today...

A bday and a death anniversary.........
weird...but i guess tats life..it gets weird all the time.....!