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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baby cloth edging #1

Had kept a couple of baby cloths ready and given it for sewing the sides...now tat i gt them bak , i was thiking of adding crochet edgings to each of them....donno how many i wud be able to complete as the time is less....bt this ones my first edging .Its just double crochet across the cloth , and i just added a satin ribbon in bet the hemstitches for a dressy and a more neat luk.

Have used THIS technique of Teresa to add the edging to the fabric....its a bit of a tedious work i feel.....
am working on the next baby cloth, ..wil post it soon

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  1. If you have a size 14 or 13 steel hook try using pearl cotton thread and make chain scallops...i took only 30 minutes to finish the 4 side of the placemat. I'm very poor at taking videos...i'll try and explain to you if my method is not clear.