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Monday, July 19, 2010

Lion Brand Yarn and books!

I thot i will share with u all the yarn which my sister gt for me from Lion Brand Studio in NY . I had asked her to get for me 2 pattern books also. She ordered that for me .... n te patterns in that are soooo wow.......so absolutely cute! ......i havnt sdtarted on anythin yet.....but am thinking of soon. I also gt a magaqzine from Kuwait after hours of surfing...yes finally one crochet patern book from kuwait......!....It too has sm baby patterns.

My sister also gt from the studio a collection of all available yarn types info book which i tot is really handy..It has the pics too so tat in future wen i cm across a pattern tat says to use so and so yarn...i can immediately look up and identify..tats cool rit!!!!?

Here are the collections.

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