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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jovia's Dress finally completed !!! :)

Friends.... so finally i hv managed to take pics of the promised dress. I hope everybody likes it.

Here are the pics of the Front portion, back , the closeups of the sleeves and the flowers on the skirt.

And I got the pattern from Ravelry.. It's called Easter Grace Dress pattern. U can c it here
I feel i hv made a couple of mistakes in the pattern , small small ones...but it came out quite well finally.. hee hee
Actually in the pattern u will c a peach n white combination... but wen me n my mom went yarn shopping for the same..she suggested to make in this particular combination n i am glad i did it :)


  1. wow!!!! dis is so cute.... :)

  2. Hello, I was looking up crotchet and noticed this page. I am planning to start this as a hobby. What thread should I buy? Please tell me if there are online websites selling prints and models.

  3. Very very pretty.

  4. dear vineetha....u can use cotton thread for this dress..i hv attached the link ..u can hv a luk at tat for the pattern

  5. Thank you for posting the photos and letting me know you tried the pattern. You did an awesome job crocheting, and I believe it is much prettier in the lavender than the peach. Happy Crocheting!

  6. I told you I loved ur work. But this one is my fovorite. :)