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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baby sweater!!

Here is the pic of the Baby sweater I completed yest.
Its cald "Ombre waves" . U can find the pattern in Crochet Magazine , Oct 2005,Vol 23.
The texture of the sweatr luks really beautiful , mayb coz of the wavy pattern. Its worked simply on alternating sc and dc.

It wud fit a baby of 9-12 months..... i used a G hook and Lion Brand Baby soft yarn.
I am really happy with the ribbing at the edges coz it tuk me sm time to grasp it bt then it came out quite well...n now since i hv mastered it ...i can use it for any garment.

It wudnt take two whole weeks to complete the sweater i am sure...Its just tat I gt occupied wit Jovia's dress for sm time, tat i lost a bit of my intreat in tis one :)

One shud complete this in not more than 1 week i guess...provided u don't cook, watch television or go out , AND waste time oly for eating and sleeping ..

dedicating the rest of the time to finishing off Ombre waves...hee hee!


  1. It looks absolutely cute! so who is it for?

  2. i love this!!!!!!!!

  3. Sooooo cute!!! Love it! I intended to make one a few months ago but not yet until now :)
    Your blog is kool, thanks for sharing!