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Thursday, March 26, 2009

yippie...yippie..My First Baby Dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooh.......Finally , lemme show all of you my first attempt on a baby dress..

i did it 2day..just in one go.....i just got hooked up....wanted to finish n them oly get up.... I was that excited when i understood that te pattern is comin up correctly..
so my dream come true.....A clothing!..
lemme tell u , this has sure given me a confidence to try other cool patterns.
I got the pattern from whitney's blog....thx whitney :)
Heres the link


  1. Looks adorable, dear. What yarns did you use?

  2. It came out great! Good work! And I'm glad my pattern worked out for you (others have had trouble but I thought I wrote it clearly).

    Also, could you please link to my blog at the end of your post? The URL is http://whittsknits.blogspot.com

    Thank you.

  3. Sorry to post again...here is the proper link to the post on my blog with the pattern: http://whittsknits.blogspot.com/2007/07/free-pattern-pink-petals-baby-dress.html

  4. O my my

    Its so beautiful, Great work

    would try to make it,

  5. thx sooo much everyone .. :)

    Hallie, I hv used baby soft yarn black n white.

    n Whitney, i think te pattern u wrote was easily understandable , otherwise a beginner lik me cud nt hv done it, i just had trouble understanding te back opening part, rest everythin was crystal clear. Btw , i hv included ur url.

  6. wow...lovely dress..i'm visiting you from Ravelry...good to see your blog