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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby caps

I finished crocheting my baby caps....actually i wanted to make oly one for my friends baby....Baby Mysa. (Mysa means "smile").

But my dimensions got wrong. n instead of making a cap for a 9 month old , i made it for a just born ..hee hee..well , blunders of a beginner crocheter!!!!

The yarn is very beautiful.... i cudn resist making a cool belt for myself too....i am done with it but have to stitch on the buckles...then wil post it.

i cant wait to present the baby cap to lill Mysa.. :) hope she likes it!!!!

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  1. hi you're so lucky to have found good yarn in kuwait. i live in oman and i've been looking and looking and looking but i can't find anything other than the normal boring ones here. do you still come to this blog?