A place where I can share my passion with fellow- crocheters!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to crochet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hiiii everyone....

i have been thinking of crochet too much lately..........n tat brought me back to te blog...Its soooooooooo gud to c all of u enjoin n sharing all ur wunderful work.
I happened to c sm real masterpiece work across te world..
All u guys are my inspiration....

My baby keeps me real busy , so dont get much time..BUT............i am determined to be back on my heels..... My hands just wudnt sit idly lik this.. THEY ARE CROCHET CRAZY....

well....i hav been thinking of making a shawl for my mom bfore te winter.... but i jus have looots of eyelash yarn n nothing else much really..so i am searchin for a pattern which i can do wit tose eyelash yarns.....

n it seems tre are no patterns which i can do solely wit eyelash....also feel its difficult to keep track of te stitches with eyelash.... hmm...i hope sm of u guys can help me..

since i was thinkin..n jus thinking of restarting crochet..n was jus keeeping on thinking n nothing much (hee hee) .... i thot i better put a post, so tat i get te boost n energy from all of u wunderful crocheters out tre....

Moreover today jovia's mom put a pic of Jovia in JOVIA'S DRESS in FB....which is making my hands even more crochet thirsty today ...hee hee..

so.....hope to be on track soon!!!!!!!!!! c ya


  1. I saw a lady with her hubby and baby at the yarn store Barakat and wondered if it was you :)

  2. hee hee..no dearie.....nt yet :)

  3. Wow! I'm so happy to hear from you again! Long time no see right? Yes, crochet is crazy, so, welcome back! :)
    Great day to you! xo