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Friday, June 19, 2009

No projects to flaunt :(

I have not started any new crochet projects, neither have I anything to complete too :(

I am a bit busy now, My in laws have joined us for a period of 3 months, to enjoi Kuwait, so now i keep them company ..no time to crochet....hope i wont forget my crochet skills....errr...i dont have "skills" as such.....
so its like every weekend we go out to any place (very few places to chill out here)...
n soon it will be repetitions.....
but if u have company any place any no. of times is gud i feel....
Last to last week we had gone to Entertainment city , Doha, and had a gud time.
We just got time to get into the Roller Coaster , the train coaster, then the train and 2 water jouneys...n saw two 4d movies

here is a pic ..(not clear) of the roller coaster area

Do you feel its a desert..phew...!!! luk at the shrubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then here are pics of the view from Kuwait Towers

This is at a height of 120 m. There is a revolving restaurant above and a viewing sphere. If u are in Kuwait, U will visit this place min 50 times....whoever comes to our house to c kuwait...we take em here, obviously we also go along with them....n so 50 times or more :)

neways c ya wit more pics...

........of not my crochet projects for the time being, but of our trips


  1. Hey Where have you been ? how are you after your injuries?

    Well thanks for visiting blog and dear m nt a expert but will try to help you out as much as i can.

    waiting to see the plant now.

  2. be careful sweet kid.....