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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not RIP yet!!!!!

i really tot my blog wud be restin in peace... hee hee, its been sooo long since i gave a post...!!!
but i dint have any new projects to flaunt ....
n guess who is to blame for that lag in my projects????... its a new KNIFE..
yes, i got a new knife from LuLu hypermarket, it luked gud, n so, but turned out to be a villain, i inaugrated it cuttin my left hnd ring finger edge, i was preserving the part which got off for a few days.. Phew!!!

so i cudn take on with my dear hobby coz of a Knife!!!
n now its healed, i got another knife new one yest..... from LuLu itself....n yeah.... I GOT CUT AGIAN!!!!! n this time on my right hand thumb! not as severe as the first one though..
hmmm..... i have decided to be happy with my old knives oly...

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