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Monday, February 15, 2010


i can c all my friends busy crocheting, exchanging patterns, the ones tat i follow givin away Giveaways n all in all, diving into crochet..
i got a lot of wool, lots of eyelashes , normal cotton , exotic colours , wen this time i went to Bangalore....but i don feel lik doin anythin......may b coz of my present physical condition.
I give all the blame to these mood swings to tat.

hmmm.... i hv got some orders too.....from my friend to make her a scarf.....hmmmm...i hope i gt a good start soon
hope i won remain a bystander forever

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  1. welcome back. i hope you feel better soon and get back to crochet. in fact i use crochet to get back to feeling good on the days that i am low.

    where in bangalore did you get all that yarn? i could only find normal acrylic ones. and where in kuwait did you say you found nice stuff. I've been wanting to find nice yarn this side of the world and its impossible. maybe you can courier some to me :D